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Picture A Day [015/365]



I’ve been having a little dance between what gets stored locally and what I offload to cloud archiving (in my case AWS Glacier) in order to delay getting more local storage. I was considering pulling everything back local a couple months ago, but a quick check of 10TB drive prices put that idea to bed. However BestBuy had one of those crazy deals on WD EasyStore drives, and I simply couldn’t resist. And to top it off, I also decided to not only add more storage, but to also add another enclosure. Part of my rationalization is this expansion still doesn’t saturate my data bus (two RAID 5 enclosures on a Thunderbolt 2 interface). Granted, I’ll now be looking to replace two enclosures when I eventually replace the iMac that it’s plugged into, but I’m going to see how far I can go with the “Siracusa Method” and try to stretch the system life to 10 years. Next year will five years, and with all my previous systems I had already maxed them out by this time. In this case, I still have 16GB of additional RAM that I can fit into the thing, and don’t currently feel like it’s even needed. 💪